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Welcome to 3 Brothers, your local modern authentic Italian vegan and traditional chef-driven pizzeria in Long Island.
The whole story of what 3 Brothers Pizza is known for, started back in 2009 when Jay Astafa, 
the oldest of the 3 Brothers created a vegan menu for his father's restaurant. Before that,  3 Brothers Pizza Cafe was a standard Long Island pizzeria.  
Jay's parents named the restaurant 3 Brothers after their 3 children. Since then he has inspired his younger brothers to do their part in the hospitality industry and for the vegan movement. Fast forward to 2018, 3 Brothers of RVC was reborn.
The restaurant launched and developed under the familiar face Paul for several months, until the youngest of the 3 Brothers, Alban, wrote his own menu for the current location in RVC.

Behind every great restaurant is a skilled pair of experienced hands. 3 Brothers is no exception, where those hands belong to Chef Alban “Albo” Astafa and Sous Chef DeAndre “D’Angelo” Tention



(516) 442-7733



285 Merrick Road          Rockville Centre, NY 11570



Tuesday Closed
Wed-Sun 12–10pm