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Home of Quality Vegan and Traditional Pizza

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A Dream That Has

Been Baking Vegan Pizza For 13 Years

 Welcome to 3 Brothers of RVC.

We are a chef-driven pizzeria providing quality traditional and vegan Italian fare on Long Island. 


Whether you’re looking for your favorite traditional New York Style Italian Delight, or a Modern Creative Vegan Delicacy... 3 Brothers is the go-to spot!

Behind every great pizzeria is a skilled pair of loving hands. 3 Brothers is no exception, where those hands belong to Chef Alban Astafa!


Can't make it to our pizzeria?

Let Uber Eats take the hassle out of ordering and driving

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Quality Ingredients

Our Ingredients

No, Starbucks hasn’t started making pizza coffee drinks. We’re talking about a cheese that’s only in the best of all Italian pies. 


All of our ingredients are carefully selected with so much thought going into it.

Which is why everything tastes so wonderful!​


We do not use flours which have been bleached and/or bromated.




$50 a bag imported from Naples

$18 a bag used by 99% of Pizzerias and responsible for causing cancer to New Yorkers

This cancer-causing chemical is the reason doctors ask our loved ones to go gluten-free.  They banned bromate in many countries just not New York.

Bromate has been banned in numerous countries, including the United Kingdom in 1990 and Canada in 1994. In addition, in 1991, California declared bromate a carcinogen under the state's Proposition 65. As such, baked goods sold in California have to bear a store-level cancer warning if they contain more than a certain level of bromate.

Contact Us


285 Merrick Rd, Rockville Centre, NY 11570

Open Everyday! 

If we have any issues to address or you have any business inquiries..

Thanks! Message sent.

Reach out to us below

(516) 442-7733

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